We can tell you everything about Factoring

What is invoice factoring?

Invoice factoring is the practice of selling your unpaid accounts receivable to a factoring company that collects from your customers. After you’ve sold your accounts receivables to Unifact Capital Funding, we guarantee a cash advance on your invoices within 24 hours of acceptance.

Does invoice factoring cost me money?

There is a minimal fee collected on each of your invoices, but invoice factoring doesn’t cost you money up front. Also, factoring isn’t a loan. You receive the money owed from your invoices, not from incurred debt from a national lender.

What is the Invoice Factoring Process?

The factoring process through Unifact Capital Funding is simple. Once you submit your invoices to us, we verify the invoices.
Once our financial experts verify your invoices, we advance up to 95 percent of your funds within 24 hours. After we’ve collected payment from your customers, you receive the remainder of your payment minus a small fee. It’s that simple!

Some FAQ's you should know


Do I have to be a long-standing business to qualify for invoice factoring services?

Actually, factoring services are most beneficial for smaller businesses who need funds to grow. There isn’t a minimum amount of operational years to qualify for our services. We are here to help you get the money you deserve.


How much money will I see from my unpaid invoices with Unifact Capital Funding?

Our goal is to help you get the most out of your unpaid invoices. After all, it’s money owed to you! We will work with you to help advance up to 95 percent of your invoice value.


What is an eligible invoice?

Both new and outstanding invoices are eligible for invoice factoring. You shouldn’t have to wait for your payments to come in, and we help move along the collection process.


Will my customers view factoring as a bad process?

No they won’t! Invoice factoring is a well-known business practice. When you’ve selected a customer for invoice factoring, it’s really something they should view as a compliment. It shows that you think they are a reliable, legitimate business that is worth the work put into the factoring process.


How long does it take to get my cash?

Once Unifact Capital funding processes and approves your invoices, we’ll advance your cash within 24 hours!


Do I need to factor all of my invoices?

No, you don’t have to factor everything. You know your customers best and you choose which customers are the most reliable for payment. We will also help you decide on who is best for the process through credit checks we can perform on your behalf.


Do I need good credit for invoice factoring eligibility?

We won’t check your credit in order for you to be eligible for our services. The only credit concern involved in the process is us looking into your customer’s financial reliability. Let our financial solutions help you build up your company’s success and credit.