Unifact Capital Funding

 Unifact Capital Funding is an invoice factoring company that helps business owners in the trucking industry and achieve their financial goals.

Who is it for?

Unifact Capital Funding is a truck freight factoring company owned and operated by truckers. We specialize in providing factoring solutions to struggling small and medium trucking companies. Our experience has taught us that most of the factoring companies available today do not understand the needs of the goods-based trucking industry.

What makes us different!

We believe that every small business deserves to achieve the American dream. Contact us today to learn about how to turn your unpaid invoices into cash flow that benefits your future!

Move Your Business Forward

Unifact Capital Funding helps businesses of all sizes move their accounts receivable quickly with immediate cash advances. Our freight factoring services give your business an advantage by providing rapid cash flow to the trucking company so they can pay off their invoices and get back on the road. 

Meet Our Team

Thiiri Kimathi

CEO and Founder

Scott McArron