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Unifact Capital Funding is ready to help your transportation business grow through our freight factoring process. Turn your invoices into cash.

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Why Choose Unifact Capital Fund?

We are the only freight factoring company, we understand the unique challenges of business owners. We believe that every small business deserves to achieve the American dream. 

We Solve Real Problems

Our differentiators

Meet payroll

We offer factoring and freight invoice discounting services for Truckers, Independent flatbeds, and Specialized Carriers alike who are looking for alternate cash flow sources.

Expand marketing campaigns

It's an important distinction. With freight factoring, you're not selling your accounts receivable or opening your business to customer debt.

Invest in new equipment

We provide our customers with high-performance freight factoring services that are tailored to their needs. We ensure efficient, quick funds transfer for your business.

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Unifact Capital Funding is an Dallas-based company that has become a trusted provider of both transportation and commercial factoring services. We are a proud member of the International Factoring Association (IFA) and strictly adhere to the IFA’s Code of Ethics.

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